Our Philosophy

What makes something unique? We go beyond the dictionary, and look inside ourselves to find that:

Unique is engaging in a kind of tourism that´s a powerful tool for conservation: making use of it to promote sustainable programs and environmental NGOs.

It´s practicing what we preach: taking actions such as employing energy-efficient equipment, preferring electronic files over paper, and carrying refillable water bottles on our trips.

It means planning your adventure from top to bottom, knowing full well what your budget is and what you want out of your time here. And then, giving you more that you dreamed of.

It´s feeling like a kid again, driven by the curiosity to explore everything around you: losing yourself in the newness of all the flora, fauna and people.

It´s peace of mind: knowing all details have already been taken care of, so you can immerse yourself in every moment without getting distracted by logistics.

It´s the moment you stop being just a tourist and become a conscious visitor as well: one who joins in the fun of the local communities and their cultural activities.

Its the coming together of people from diverse backgrounds: something we see every time children – who speak different languages- play and laugh together, transcending all cultural barriers.

It´s building a relationship with our customers that goes well beyond a commercial context, because traveling with friends makes everyone feel at home on the road.

A Unique Adventure is what you´ll live in Costa Rica with us: whether you go birdwatching, mountain biking, kayaking, enjoying your honeymoon, or even learning how to milk a cow and saddle a horse. It´s the life-changing experience you can expect, but never fully understand until you´re in the middle of it. It´s closing your eyes and learning to see life from a new perspective: where the day is as long as you make it, and you surround nature as much as it surrounds you.

It´s opening your eyes again, and realizing...

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