We are passionate about sustainability. Obviously, we implement recycling, energy and resource savings on a daily basis, but we take it much further than that. For example, we take recycling to the next level by supporting local libraries and communities and coordinating workshops to transform recyclables into souvenirs. We first identify actual needs in local communities, rural schools and NGO´s and then donate and collaborate based on the most pressing ones.

Our program’s cultural experiences are inclusive of communities and discourage patronizing, as we strive for everyone, locals and visitors alike, to benefit from the experience. We believe in buying local and promote Costa Rican artists, artisans and products. In our aim to reject plastic, we use refillable water bottles only, and discourage the use of straws.

We discourage buying products from wildlife and endangered species. We believe that sustainability, more than a business model, is a way of life so we take these principles to our office, our daily tasks, regular lives and beyond…

Choose CST where you go!

The Costa Rican Tourism board has implemented the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism program, known by its initials “CST”. This program aims to classify and certify tourist businesses whose operations strive towards a model of sustainability by means of better practices in managing natural, cultural and social resources in the country.

Unique Adventures is proud to have achieved the maximum level of sustainability (ELITE).

Together we can make a difference!

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